Friday, October 1, 2010

Just a thought...

Why do delays seem to cascade?

Plane delayed. Meeting my brother dan at the train station and he was lost, then on a slow train. Meet up and walk around in circles trying to find the train. Get on a train. Then find out it was the wrong train. Get off that train, get on another train back to pretty much where wr started. Now we are waiting for 'the correct train.

I left home 6 hours ago and am yet to arrive at my destination.....

Just a thought...

You probably need the coffee if it takes you the time till you get to a seat to realize why the barrister at the train station coffee shop gives you a funny look when you specify you'd like a take away cup.... Oooooh it's a train station - they are ALL in take away cups.

My weekend away

Phone. Check. Wallet. Check. Asthma pump. *ugh heavy* check. Breast pump. Check. Baby... Baby...? Oh wait baby is at my inlaws house this weekend and I'm going away to Melbourne on my own.

So I've just landed. Things to report; checking with no baby, no luggage, no portacot, pram and carseat, no tears, it's AMAZING!

As is getting off the plane and not having to track down a trolley and head to baggage collection.

Just me, my back pack and my knitting.

Because the flight was delayed by 30 minutes after boarding I had about 2 hours to complete a very cute pink and white beanie, (which I'll upload a photo of as soon as I work out how ;) )

Now on my way to meet my brother at 'southern cross station' which I do and probably will forever refer to as 'spencer street station' (same as despite living in Sydney for 4 years I still call woolies Safeway :D )

Then off to my best friends engagement party.

Loving public transport without a toddler!!!

(missing him already though :( )