Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Heres some more

Now the pressure is off - no more 'first post' jitters, i'm not sure what to put in my blog as I don't know who I expect to read it, do I assume the only people who'll read will know me personally so don't need a back-story intro? Also do I overshare? A lot of people who know me personally don't know a lot about me anyway.

Ah well - brief (laughing - nothing with me is brief I'm very good at babbling) back story.

I'm a mum of a 21 month old toddler who as the title of my blog suggests isn't a big fan of sleep. Never has been. So this blog comes to you from nearly 2 years of severe sleep deprivation. Don't worry about offering me solutions if it's out there I've done it, tried it, read it, fed it... Done... Fail.... So I've moved into a new phase of parenting where I just accept that I will not sleep, I live off a diet of coffee and actually it's been so much easier releasing the attachment to sleep... Or at least that's what I'm telling myself!!!

As it stands bub has his cot against our bed side off and then me or daddy sleeps in the cot to make room in the bed for bubba!!

What else? I'm a child carer, worked in a nursery before having bub and since he was 6 months old I've worked in a couple of creches, done a few nanny jobs, but now just do casual baby sitting - all with Jasper in tow. I'm loving the flexibility of baby sitting! I got up to working 4 days a week but managed to stress myself 'cycless' iykwim ;) and we are planning another bub so that wasn't going to work!!!

See what I mean - oversharing!

Ah well when I'm pregnant I'm sure I'll be on here whinging that I've peed my pants or something so may as well start as I mean to continue!

Oh and nobody assume that because I care for babies that I know any more about them than anyone else. Honestly the more babies I work with the more I'm realizing ANYTHING is normal and what 'works' is whatever gets mummy and daddy from one day to the next.

Alright - someone smells and it's not me so I've got to go change a nappy!!!!

First blog post ever


Yep I've got nothing interesting to start off with.

I suppose first things first I'm
posting from my iPhone (being a busy mum with a toddler I don't get onto the computer often) so I apologize for the typing errors and spelling mistakes - I'll try to routinely proof read on the laptop! Oh and my iPhone likes American spellings so your gonna have to deal with the additional 'z's it pops in.

Ugh alrighty! I've wanted to start a blog for the last two years and never did because I couldn't work out how to start it so... There it is.... This is how it's started! Yep two years of planning and that's the best I can do.

Enjoy! ;)